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West Berlin, W. Germany

Hier findet Ihr alle anderen west-deutschen Figurenhersteller
(mit Ausnahme von Bully/Bullyland und Schleich)
Die Markung W.Germany endete mit dem Berliner-Mauerfall Nov.1989. Danach aenderte sich diese in nur Germany.

Here you will find all other West-German figure manufacturers
(except Bully / Bullyland and Schleich, these are at separate pages before)

The mark W.Germany ended with the Berlin Wall-fall.
The end of the GDR (German Democratic Republic / Aug.1961 to Nov.1989)
After that, the mark changed in Germany only.
Short History ! (sorry) ............Thus, of course, old toy-figures from the 50s, 1960 and to Aug.1961 "Made in Germany" marked (if available). With the construction of the border (THE WALL) and the division, in the middle of the country (BRD West Germany / incl. WEST-BERLIN and GDR East-Germany / incl. OST BERLIN) this has been changed. Politics is stupid!


1) Heimo/Marx  (a lot of Disney u.A.)   
2) Illu Press (Verlag 1974 - 1978)                           
3) Goebel                                   
4) Fischer  (Fix & Foxi u.v.m.)        
5) Fuchs     (Fix & Foxi u.v.m.)          
6) Heico  Wackelkoepfe  (Bobblehead 60s)         
7) Kaugummifiguren  (Gum-figures 70s)             
8) Werbefiguren (advertising-figures)     
9) alle Anderen (all other german figures-companys)      

1 ) Germany - Heimo/Marx 

2 Germany - Illu Press
         5 Comic-Books, Schindelschwinger Flohheimer 1975-77
          2 Figurenserien (1x 2 und 1x12 Figuren) 1978
          Die kl. bunten Kaugummifigurenserie ist von 70er Jahre

3 ) Germany - Goebel

4 Germany - Fischer

5 Germany - Fuchs7 ) Kaugummifiguren Gum-Figures 70s

6 Kaugummifiguren Gum-figures 70sKaugummifiguren Gum-figures 70sGermany - Heico  (Wackelkoepfe 60s)
Kaugummifiguren Gum-figures 70s

7 ) Kaugummifiguren Gum-figures 70s 

8) Werbefiguren (advertising-figures) 

9 ) Germany - alle Anderen (all other figures)